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#1 Mater Dei (Rivalry Stats)

First Meeting: 1961

Last Meeting: 2023

Total Games Played: 64

Series: 17-45-2

Common League(s): Angelus, Serra, Trinity


It goes without saying that Mater Dei is Servite’s top rival. Servite has played Mater Dei more than any other team; 60 times. They have played each other every year since 1961. Mater Dei owns the rivalry with a 41-17 advantage. This sounds like a one-sided rivalry but there was a time when Servite dominated it. From 1972 to 1988, Servite had the advantage by 13-4 record. Servite actually had a six-year run from 1972-1976. Servite had a short stint from 2009-2011 with a 3-0-0 record. But Mater Dei owned Servite from 1961-1971 with a 9-1-1 record, and again from 1989-2008 with a 19-1-0 record, which was huge, and again, finally from 2012-2020 with a 9-0-0 record.

#2 St. Paul (Rivalry Stats)

First Meeting: 1961

Last Meeting: 2023

Total Games Played: 35

Series: 16-18-1

Common League(s): Angelus


For you younger kids, this may not make much sense, but during the 60s, 70s and early 80s, St. Paul was the Mater Dai of SoCal high school football. Servite has played St. Paul 34 times, the third most played team for Servite in school history. St. Paul leads the series 18-15, although most of those wins were in the 70s. During most of that time, St. Paul, not Mater Dei, was considered our biggest rival. Here are some classic posts describing St. Paul's offence of the 70s and 80s, as well as the intensity of the Servite-St. Paul Rivalry

#3 Bishop Amat (Rivalry Stats)

First Meeting: 1961

Last Meeting: 2021

Total Games Played: 36

Series: 17-18-1

Common League(s): Angelus, Serra


Even though Servite has played Bishop Amat more than any other team except Mater Dei, they are coming in at the  #3 spot. Servite, Mater Dei and St. Paul were three of the five founding members of the Angelus League. Bishop Amat didn't join until 1968. But that was just in time to show off the amazing talent of Pat Haden and John McKay Jr. Bishop Amat was the CIF-SS runner-up in 1969, and the CIF-SS Champs in 1970 and 1971. 

#4 St. John Bosco (Rivalry Stats)

First Meeting: 1965

Last Meeting: 2023

Total Games Played: 32

Series: 16-19-0

Common League(s): Angelus, Serra, Trinity


Coming in at #4 is St. John Bosco. Although St. John Bosco joined the Angelus league in 1966, they only lasted two years in the league and by 1968, they had left. Bosco joined again after the departure of St. Paul, but again, was only in the league for two years when, in 1992, the Angelus league was completely disbanded. When the Serra league was founded in 1999, Bosco was one the teams to join and stayed in the Serra league until it folded in 2005. But in 2006 the Trinity league was founded and Bosco was a founding member of that league as well so Bosco and Servite have played each other of 22 years straight and a total of 31 years. 

#5 Edison (Rivalry Stats)

First Meeting: 1979

Last Meeting: 2021

Total Games Played: 29

Series: 14-14-0

Common League(s): Sunset


Servite and Edison have played each other for a total of 28 times. The series is tied at 14-14. Since 2010, Servite has had the better part of Edison, 6-1. For a short time, Servite was in the same league as Edison, the Sunset league (1992-1993). Servite and Edison have met each other many times in the CIF-SS playoffs. One of the best games was when Servite, a 4th place, Angelus team, and a CIF wild card team, faced Edison, who hadn't lost a game in two over two years, in 1981. Servite won 14-7. A classic game!

#6 Santa Margarita (Rivalry Stats)

First Meeting: 1991

Last Meeting: 2023

Total Games Played: 27

Series: 16-11-1

Common League(s): Serra, Trinity

What can one say about Santa Margarita! They came out of nowhere in 1987. They have had a tremendous amount of success with players making it to the NFL. They are one of the five out of six teams in the trinity league to, not only win the CIF-SS D-1 championship but to with a state championship as well! Not much else needs to be said.

#7 Fountain Valley (Rivalry Stats)

First Meeting: 1978

Last Meeting: 2016

Total Games Played: 23

Series: 10-13-0

Common League(s): Sunset

I have a love/hate relationship with FVHS. My senior year, we played Fountain Valley

in pre-season, and lost by a field goal, 23-21, in the final seconds of the game! We ended up

playing them again the same year, in the CIF-SS Championship game, at Anaheim Stadium, and lost, 34-14. So I will forever hate Fountain Valley! That being said, they were an amazing team for many years. Very sad they have left the glory days of old. I will always honor them for how tough they used to be. 

#8 Pius X (Rivalry Stats)

First Meeting: 1968

Last Meeting: 1985

Total Games Played: 17

Series: 13-4-0

Common League(s): Angelus


Now referred to as St. Pius X - St. Matthias Academy, Pius X was a coed, Catholic high school and was part of the old Angelus league, from 1968 to 1979 and then again from 1982-1985. Here is another team that breaks my heart with how they have fallen. Although they did not win many Angelus league titles, they were always the wild card team that even the bluebloods needed to be aware of. In 1995, Pius X merged with an all-girls school, St. Matthias, to form a co-ed catholic school called St. Pius X – St. Matthias.


#9 Orange Lutheran (Rivalry Stats)

First Meeting: 2001

Last Meeting: 2023

Total Games Played: 20

Series: 14-6-0

Common League(s): Trinity


Orange Lutheran is a fairly new rivalry, comparatively speaking. But what makes things difficult is that my daughter went to Orange Lutheran. The schools have played a total of 18 times, with 15 consecutive games within the Trinity league. Servite leads the series 14-4.   


#10 JSerra (Rivalry Stats)

First Meeting: 2006

Last Meeting: 2023

Total Games Played: 17

Series: 11-6-0

Common League(s): Trinity


So, JSerra is absolutely the newest kid on the block. I have no idea how they were able to join the Trinity league, but they did. They have been a fierce competitor! JSerra was established in 2003, so this is a relatively new rivalry. Servite and JSerra have played 16 games. Servite leads the series 11-5.

Honorable Mentions

Long Beach Poly (Rivalry Stats)

First Meeting: 1967

Last Meeting: 2023

Total Games Played: 12

Series: 9-3-0

Common League(s): None


Long Beach Poly is the most storied high school team in the nation, producing more NFL players than any other high school in the country. All their meetings have been in either preseason or in the playoffs. They first met in 2009 and most recently played in 2014. Servite and Poly have only played 11 times with Servite leading the series 8-3.


First Meeting: 1971

Last Meeting: 2005

Total Games Played: 12

Series: 5-7-0

Common League(s): Angelus, Serra


Another private, Catholic, all boy, college prep school. Loyola is one of the most dominant high school programs in history, right up there with Long Beach Poly and Mater Dei. Loyola has won eight CIF-SS championships, only Long Beach Poly (17) and Mater Dei (8) have more. Servite and Loyola have played a total of twelve times with the series at 5-7, Loyola. The first time they played was in 1971 and the last meeting in 2005.


First Meeting: 1961

Last Meeting: 2010

Total Games Played: 10

Series: 5-5-0

Common League(s): None


Servite and Crespi have only played each other ten times, with the series split at 5-5. They first met in 1961 and last played in 2010. It was once said that Crespi and Servite were originally designed by the same architect, and thus, in the early days, had the same floor plan. Whether that is true or not, both schools are very similar. Both schools are Catholic, all boy schools. Both schools are run by religious orders. Servite by the Servites, (Order of Servants of Mary), and Crespi, by the Carmelites, (Order of the Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel). Servite was established in 1958 and Crespi in 1959.

Bishop Alemany

First Meeting: 1971

Last Meeting: 2013

Total Games Played: 11

Series: 10-1-0

Common League(s): None


Servite has played Alemany 11 times. Servite leads the series 10-1-0. They first met in 1971 and their most recent game was in 2013, which let to Servite’s only loss in the series. Although they are both private, Catholic schools, they have never been in the same league.

Mission Viejo (Rivalry Stats)

First Meeting: 2009

Last Meeting: 2022

Total Games Played: 7

Series: 3-4-0

Common League(s): None


Although Servite has only played Mission Viejo seven times, this is becoming a very completive rivalry. As of 2022, MV leads the series 4-3. On a side note, the first five meetings were all during the playoffs. 

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