Servite Uniforms


Gen One

There were quite a few iterations in the Gen One group but the changes didn't really warrant splitting them up into three or four separate groups. For the most part, white pants with gold strips (black outlines), black/white shirts with strips and black helmet with strips. Side of helmet sometimes was a number and sometimes an "S".


Gen Two

This was the first year of the gold (Notre Dame) game pants. All strips were removed from the helmet, game jerseys and game pants. But the largest change was to the helmet, adding the now famous Servite Crest to the side. 


Gen Three

In 1978 the Servite uniforms took another major change, and probably the last major change in School history. This was the introduction of black pants. Both game pants and game jerseys included a single large white stripe (black on away jerseys). 


Gen Four

In 1981 the strips were switched from a single large stripe to two smaller strips. The Helmet stayed the same.


Gen Five

Although the dates are not exact, it appears, starting in 1998, the gold pants made a revisit for a couple of years. Also, the strips on the pants and jerseys disappeared. The helmet stayed the same. 


Gen Six

Starting in 2000, the latest iteration started, the black pants, black jerseys, no stripes started, and has not changed, other than a couple of years where a white striped garnished the helmet. Also, some gold shoes and socked appeared in recent years. 

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Statistics by M. A. Wright '79

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