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Servite Helmets

Servite Logo.jpg

Unfortunately there is not a

lot of quality pictures of the

old, gen one football helmets

out there. Hopefully this section will give you a good idea of what they were like. They are broken up into three iterations, 1960-61, 1962-64 and 1965-71. The fourth iteration of the Servite helmet has, for the most part, been unchanged from 1972 through present, with a few minor exceptions.


The first iteration of the gen one helmets can be seen in Images #1 and #2. Large numbers in white on each side of the helmet, and three stripes down the middle. The larger, center stripe, in gold, and two smaller, outside stripes, in white. 

The second iteration, from 1962-64, saw some unique changes. First the color of the numbers were changed to gold, and were moved to the front and back of the helmet, (see images #3 and #4). Second, the sides of the helmet had a new image, the running friar! (image #5) Also, single or double, short stripe(s) could be added to the front left of the helmet, one red and/or one yellow. Red was for first-string defense and yellow was for first-string offense. So if one started both on offense and defense, then that person would have both (Image #6). If one did not start, there were no stripes at all.

The third iteration started in 1965, and continued through 1971, the last year of coach George Dena. It saw the replacement of the gold, running friar, with a black "S" set in a white football. The numbers in the front and rear of the helmet were enlarged and changed back to white (Image #7). The first string offense and defense stripes did remain, however (Images #7 & #8). 

The Servite helmet has gone virtually unchanged, with the exception of a few off years. In 1985, a gold stripe was added to the center of the helmet.


It was to bring awareness to the captivity of Father Lawrence Martin Jenco.


Other minor changes are sometimes the helmet is flat black and other years it's more of a gloss black. The major change, however, came during the 2013-14 seasons where a thick, white strip was added down the middle of the helmet. Also, the crests on the sides of the helmet became predominately white and less gold. 

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