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Taken from official Servite High School website


The Servite football team starts and ends every game with the famous Servite Hut Drill. The purpose of the drill is to emphasize discipline, precision, teamwork and character before and after the game, whether the team wins or loses. The Hut Drill sets the tone for the beginning of the game and brings closure after the end of the game.

The Servite Hut Drill was started in 1962 by Head Coach George Dena. The original Hut Drill finished with two sets of two quarter turns. In the late 1970’s, the finish was changed to the ‘chicken scratch’, two sets of two cleat scrapes on the ground.

When Larry Toner became Head Coach of the Friars in 1989, the team went back to the original quarter turn finish for the Hut Drill. When Troy Thomas became Head Coach in 2005, he consulted alumni and coaches concerning the Hut Drill tradition. The decision was made to combine the original Hut Drill finish with the finish of the dominant football teams of the 80’s. Today the Servite Hut Drill finishes with both the quarter turn and the chicken-scratch.


The Hut Drill

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