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Mike Wright Servite 1979

About Me

I am a Servite grad, class of 79. I Loved my high school and especially the football program. I was never a football star, nor did I even start, but the life lesions learned from my few years at Servite helped me navigate through life, even at 62 years of age. 

I started this site back in 2018. I have been looking for historical photos and games scores but could not find much, so I decided to build a site of my own. Through much work and with the help form some other Servite alum, I was able to compile every single game score starting with the 1960 season, through current. Try finding that on MaxPreps! I have also acquired countless game photos from every decade, although some years are still lacking a bit. It is a work in progress. 

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Supporting this Site

I am not setting up different levels of access as most do, simply because I want all information I have to be available to as many as are interested. The tiers are there just for options for supporters. 

Thank you for considering supporting this effort. 

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