The Trinity League


Arguably the toughest high school football league in the nation, the Trinity League was established in 2006. The Trinity League consists of the following schools: 

  • JSerra Catholic High School (est. 2003)

  • Mater Dei High School (est. 1950)

  • Orange Lutheran High School (est. 1973)

  • Santa Margarita Catholic High School (est. 1987)

  • Servite High School (est. 1958)

  • St. John Bosco High School (est. 1940)



The Trinity League is the latest iteration of what was originally known as the Angelus League (1961–1991), founded in 1961. There were various early members of the Angelus league, which, in addition to Servite and Mater Dei, included St. PaulCantwell and Salesian. Cantwell and Salesian dropped out of the league, due to its competitiveness, and were replaced by St. John Bosco and Verbum Dei. In the late 1960s, St. John Bosco and Verbum Dei dropped out and were replaced by Bishop Amat and Pius X. This iteration became the core, blue blood members of the Angelus League. This iconic league members were: St. Paul (Santa Fe Springs), Mater Dei (Santa Ana), Servite (Anaheim), Bishop Amat (La Puente), Pius X (Downey) and St. Anthony (Long Beach). In the late 1970s, things started to shift again. St. Anthony dropped in 1977 and was replaced by Bishop Montgomery. Pius X dropped in 1980. Bishop Montgomery in 1981. In 1982, Pius X came back and a new member, Serra (Gardenia) joined. Serra dropped in 1984 and was replaced by Bishop Montgomery again. In 1986 Pius X was gone and replaced by St. Bernard. St. Bernard only lasted two years and dropped in 1988. In 1989 Montgomery and Iconic member, St. Paul dropped and were replaced by Loyola and St. John Bosco. That was the last form of the Angelus League as it was disbanded in 1992.

In 1999, a rebirth of the Angelus league appeared under the name of the Serra League. Its core members were Servite, Mater Dei, St. John Bosco and Santa Margarita. This lasted through 2001. The next year two new teams were added, Loyola and Bishop Amat. This lasted until 2006, when Loyola and Bishop Amat were moved to the Mission League and were replaced by Orange Lutheran and JSerra.

Five of the six teams have one a CIF-SS championship. Mater Dei (8), Servite (4), St. John Bosco (2), Santa Margarita (1) and Orange Lutheran (1). Four of the six teams have won State championships. Mater Dei (2), St. John Bosco (2), Servite (1) and Santa Margarita (1).

League Titles
  • Servite (5)

  • St. John Bosco (5)

  • Mater Dei (3)

  • Orange Lutheran (1)

  • Santa Margarita (0)

  • JSerra (0)

CIF-SS Titles

  • Mater Dei (8)

  • Servite (4)

  • St. John Bosco (2)

  • Orange Lutheran (1)

  • Santa Margarita (1)

  • JSerra (0)

State Titles

  • Mater Dei (2)

  • St. John Bosco (2)

  • Servite (1)

  • ​Santa Margarita (1)

  • Orange Lutheran (0)

  • JSerra (0)

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