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1971 - John Stoneman.png
John Stoneman

Class of 1971

John Stoneman passed away in Feb of 2023

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George Kenlon.jpg
George Kenlon O'Brien

Class of 1978

George (Kenlon) O'Brien passed away on 07/24/2022

George O'Brian, perhaps the best athlete for the class of 1978 across all sports, and who was a standout defensive end for Servite, sadly passed away on July 24th of this year. George earned a scholarship to the University of Colorado, Bolder. His carrier was cut short due to an injury. His older brother, Steve, passed away in 2016.

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Jackson Buresh - Copy.jpg
Jackson Buresh

Class of 2023

Jackson Buresh passed away on 03/29/2022

Jackson was a 6’3” 285 lb. offensive guard with a 3.43 GPA. Sadly, Jackson passed away during his junior year at Servite. 


1979 Ed Farrell.jpg
Edward Farrell

Class of 1979

Ed Farrell passed away on 08/31/2021

Ed played tight end while at Servite. He went on to play at Harvard University.


Daniel Boone Howard.JPG
Boone Howard

Class of 1984

Daniel "Boone" Howard passed away on 06/09/2021

Boone Howard was a member of the 1982 and 1983 championship seasons, playing defensive back. Boone was all Angelus League and all Orange County. Boone passed away after a three-year bout with ALS.

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Bill Miller 1960-02.jpg
Bill Miller

1960 Varsity Coach

Coach Bill Miller passed away on 05/30/2020

Coach Miller was the very first Servite varsity football coach, leading Servite to a CIF-SS Small Schools championship in 1960.

OC Register

Turk Shonert.jpg
Turk Schonert

Class of 1975

Turk Schonert passed away on 01/17/2019

Turk played quarterback and went on to play at Stanford. He played nine seasons in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals, including the Super Bowl XVI and Super Bowl XXIII teams, and spent one season with the Atlanta Falcons.

Obituary     Wikipedia

Ian Flynn.jpg
Ian Flynn

Class of 1998

Ian Flynn passed away on 07/14/2018

Ian went on to play football at New Mexico Highland University.


Jeff Kreitler (2).jpg
Jeff Kreitler

Class of 1977

Jeff Kreitler passed away on 04/04/2017

Obituary (N/A)

Coach Altavilla.jpg
Gerry Altavilla

Assistant Coach

Coach Altavilla passed away on 09/07/2016


Brian Baggott.jpg
Brian Baggott

Class of 1976

Brian Baggott passed away on 06/20/2016

Brian played defensive back and went on to play at UCLA.


Chris Roth_edited.jpg
Christopher Michael Roth

Class of 2009

Christopher Michael Roth passed away on 02/13/2016

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Steve Kenlon.jpg
Steve Kenlon O'Brien

Class of 1974

Steve Kenlon O'Brien passed away on 01/02/2016

Steve played linebacker and went on to play at USC.


Dean Hess.jpg
Dean Hess

Class of 1976

Dean Hess passed away on 12/14/2013

Dean played quarterback. 


00-1965 Servite Coach George Dena.jpg
George Dena

Varsity Coach

George Dena passed away on 09/22/2013

George was the varsity football coach from 1961 to 1971.


Jack Davis.jpg
Jack Davis

Sophomore Coach

Coach Davis passed away on 02/02/2013

Coach Davis coached the Sophomore football team and was the winningest sophomore coach in Servite history.


Mark Leyba.jpg
Mark Leyba

Class of 1978

Mark Leyba passed away on 03/26/2011

Obituary (N/A)

Greg Mitchell-2.jpg
Greg Mitchell

Class of 1967

Greg Mitchell passed away in 2011

Obituary (N/A)

Richard Sherratt.jpg
Richard Sherratt

Class of 1978

Richard Sherratt passed away on 11/20/2005

Obituary (N/A)

Leonard Altavilla.jpg
Leonard Altavilla

Class of 1977

Leonard Altavilla passed away on 06/17/2004

Obituary (N/A)

Kevin Stephenson.jpg
Kevin Stephenson

Class of 1973

Kevin Stephenson passed away on 03/07/2004

Kevin went on to play at Washington State. 


Coach unk.png
Jeff Sherer

Class of 1983

Jeff Sherer passed away on 02/20/2003

Jeff played offensive tackle. Jeff went on to play at Long Beach State. 

Obituary (LA Times)

Tim Steeves.jpg
Tim Steeves

Class of 1977

Tim Steeves passed away on 12/29/1986

Tim was born on 09/28/1959. Tim Played linebacker. Tim graduated from Cal State Fullerton. He was a member of the football coaching staff at Fullerton High School from 1982 to 1984.

Obituary (N/A)

Help Needed

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